Closing the loop between patients and innovative cell and gene therapies 

Cell and gene therapy is unlocking cures and treatments for some of the toughest medical conditions. Unfortunately, cost, complex production and safety concerns can separate these therapies from the patients who need them the most. 


Lupagen imagines a world where these constraints no longer exist.  

Our goal is to make cell and gene therapy production and delivery as simple and widely accessible as standard blood transfusion and dialysis procedures are today.  

With Lupagen’s bedside cell processing technologies, biopharmaceutical innovators can radically lower cost, simplify production and develop safer, patient-friendly therapies. 


Lupagen is a medical device and technology company whose bold mission is to democratize the use of cell and gene therapies by shifting production and delivery from high-cost, complex centralized manufacturing to more affordable point-of-care settings, with minimal disruption to patients and caregivers. Decentralizing cell and gene therapy can expand care options to a wider range of patients, allow treatment of more diseases and lower the burden on the healthcare system. 

Lupagen’s story spans three decades, over which a dedicated team of engineers and immunologists developed and brought to market revolutionary bedside point-of-care cell therapies.  By marrying drug development with integrated point-of-care combination device systems, Lupagen continues this mission of making patient-friendly, procedure-based therapies that bridge the gap between patients and next generation cell and gene therapies. 


The explosion of emerging cell and gene therapy programs that modify and reprogram a patient’s own cells has created immense opportunity for treating intractable diseases. However, high treatment costs, a complex supply chain, and limited payer budgets and treatment reimbursement have created an unsustainable manufacturing and treatment delivery model that is forcing the biopharmaceutical industry to reconsider its approach.

Lupagen’s closed-loop, patient-connected, bedside point-of care system provides a better alternative to harnessing a patient’s cells, while keeping costs in line with conventional biologics therapies.

Implementing Lupagen’s technology can allow biopharma manufacturers to leapfrog current development, regulatory and commercial barriers and realize massive benefits including: 

Radically lowered cost of goods 
Avoidance of capital costs for centralized manufacturing 
Reduced regulatory burdens and quality risks 
Improved potential product safety profiles  
Broadened addressable treatment populations and indications 


Unleashing the value of point-of-care cell and gene therapies requires a diverse set of scientific, clinical and engineering expertise.  

We’ve assembled a team of innovators and executive leaders with decades of experience developing and bringing to market advanced cell and gene therapies using integrated combination device systems.  

Each member of our team has played a crucial role in developing peripheral blood collection & processing technology and immunology & oncology cell therapies over the last three decades. 

Nipon Das, M.D.
CEO & Co-Founder
David Peritt, PhD.
Chief Scientific Advisor &
Dennis Briggs
Engineering Advisor
Mark Popovsky, M.D.
Clinical & Medical Advisor
Denise Oppermann
Regulatory Advisor

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