Closing the loop between patients and innovative cell and gene therapies 

Cell and gene therapy is unlocking cures and treatments for some of the toughest medical conditions. Unfortunately, cost, complex production and safety concerns can separate these therapies from the patients who need them the most. 


Lupagen imagines a world where these constraints no longer exist.  

Our goal is to make cell and gene therapy production and delivery as simple and widely accessible as standard blood transfusion and dialysis procedures are today.  

With Lupagen’s bedside cell processing technologies, biopharmaceutical innovators can radically lower cost, simplify production and develop safer, patient-friendly therapies. 


Radically lowered cost of goods 
Avoidance of capital costs for centralized manufacturing 
Reduced regulatory burdens and quality risks 
Improved potential product safety profiles  
Broadened addressable treatment populations and indications 
Nipon Das, M.D.
CEO & Co-Founder
David Peritt, PhD.
Chief Scientific Advisor &
Dennis Briggs
Engineering Advisor
Mark Popovsky, M.D.
Clinical & Medical Advisor
Denise Oppermann
Regulatory Advisor

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