Side CAR-T® delivery system

Lupagen avoids cost, safety and clinical challenges by transforming cell & gene therapy from a complex process to a simple bedside procedure by combining patient connected cell therapy procedure device with non-viral gene delivery.

Our Side CAR-T® delivery system, a first to market bedside production system, attaches to standard apheresis machine, modifies target cells and reinfuses final therapies to the patient in a simple out-patient procedure, resulting in significantly lower treatment burden and cost.


“Best of Breed” Nanoparticle Gene Delivery Platform

Lupagen is developing nanoparticle-based mRNA or DNA therapies internally and in partnership with select biopharma companies that can be delivered using our

Side CAR-T® delivery system and accommodate a wide range of payloads & gene editing systems resulting in safer, more effective gene therapy eliminating cost and safety concerns from viral transduction or electroporation transfection. 

Nanoparticle platforms, widely used to deliver RNA and DNA, can be delivered elegantly to targeted peripheral blood mononuclear cell populations to generate cell & gene therapies addressing oncology, autoimmune/allergy, infectious disease and rare disease indications.

Cell targets and therapies.png

Lupagen’s flexible platform agnostic development approach combined with our proprietary bedside delivery system results in:

  • Broader array of targets and indications that can be developed

  • Ability to leverage a wide range of nanoparticles systems (lipid, polymer)

  • SAFER and MORE EFFECTIVE targeted delivery of nanoparticles  than can be achieved in-vivo by avoiding current systemic toxicity and dosing challenges

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