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Lupagen’s lead internal programs focus on validated CAR targets that have demonstrated clinical efficacy.  Novel targets have been identified for development targeting autoimmune indications.  Nanoparticle gene delivery are enabled in the system obviating the need for expensive and safety prone viral vectors.

Lupagen has initiated or planned external programs with selected biopharma companies combining their CAR program or novel targets with the Side CAR-T® delivery system, a more affordable, safer and effective CAR-T point-of-care cell therapy platform that avoids complex manufacturing and supply chain processes.

​Lupagen's technology can simplify, enable, and improve a wide range of ex-vivo autologous therapies involving peripheral blood cells including lymphocytes, monocytes and hematopoietic stem cells including, but not limited to the following therapy types:

CAR-based cell therapies (T-Cell,

NK Cell, Macrophage) 

Gene Therapy

(Protein Replacement)

Targeted Drug Delivery (Immunosuppression, Autoantigens) 

Other non-viral

To join us on our mission to expand the use of cell & gene therapies, please visit our contact page.

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